v.1.4 Final
CipClik is a "Penny Auctions" site in which anybody can obtain valuable objects at an incredibly low price.
The system is simple, the initial price is € 0.00, at each bid the price rises by 1c (one cent).
Every auction is associated with a timer which resets itself at every new bid. The last bidder to place an offer before timeout wins.
The price of the product turns out to be very low for the final buyer, in that all the contenders, by purchasing a block of bids, will have contributed to lowering the price of the product.

From the technical point of view the most complex steps were:
  • development and debugging of manual bid system
  • automatic bid system implementation, named "CipRobot"
  • Timers controls and management
  • hacking attemps solutions
  • structured, multi-level, user actions logging system
  • automatic update of all auctions details
  • heavy Facebook integration
Cipclik is a project in constant evolution, the minds of its owners is full of ideas and innovations... every day is a new challenge!

From 03/03/2014 Cipclik is out of business.
Contact us for a private DEMO of the platform.


100% completed
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